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Out of Ireland, book 2

The best journey brings you home.

Boston, 1849. Shattered by the devastating loss of his wife and children during the Irish famine, Sean Deacey has given up on love and happiness. So when he rescues an infant from an immigrant shipwreck, he gives the orphaned babe to his sister Kathleen and her husband. They raise the boy as their own – until Ailish Sullivan arrives two years later claiming the child is her last living relative and demanding his return. 


A legal fight ensues, and Sean befriends Ailish, determined to change her mind and keep her from destroying his sister’s family. But when friendship leads to understanding, he is torn between the desires of both families. And as his feelings grow for a woman he knows he should not want and can never have, he faces an agonizing choice – stand with his sister or follow his heart.


Award-winning author Pamela Ford explores the bonds of family as she takes readers on an uplifting emotional journey through grief, sacrifice, and the power of forgiveness. With more than a half million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is known for creating stories that touch the heart.


5 stars. “A powerful, moving, touching story that made me cry, made me smile and gave me hope ... A beautiful story of forgiveness, understanding, love and hope for the future ... A definite must-read, you will not want to put this one down.” –Working Mommy Journal


5 stars. “I was swept away with so many emotions, I found myself keeping the book firmly in my grasp for hours! Ford made a story so compelling, so wonderful ... I still find myself thinking about it ... do yourself a grand favor and swoop up a copy of this book.” -High Society Book Reviews


5 stars. “A Rush of White Wings sucked me in so quickly. Brilliant writing ... a heartrending and inspiring story ... Pamela Ford is a smart storyteller who creates memorable characters and a brilliantly crafted setting and atmosphere.” –Cover Lover Book Reviews


5 stars. “Endearing historical fiction.” -Books, Lattes and Tiaras


“I loved this historical fiction story that touched me deeply, bringing tears to my eyes on several occasions. The characters are realistic, as was the setting and the plot ... The last quarter of the book had me racing through the pages ... Emotional and heartfelt, this novel will please fans of historical fiction and women's fiction.” –Library of Clean Reads


4.5 stars. “The historical details made me feel as if I was part of the tale with the characters ... I truly felt like I was part of Sean and Kathleen’s family ... I loved the chemistry between Sean and Ailish ... I recommend this book.” -Locks, Hooks and Books 


“A heart wrenching piece of historical fiction ... an emotional rollercoaster of what ifs, hope, anger, faith, fear and (more) ... if you want to be moved and engrossed in what you read, I recommend A Rush of White Wings." -Books and Zebras


“A very moving story of love and loss intense story with truly likable characters ... I will certainly want to read more of this author’s books.” -Corinne Rodrigues Reviews


“This beautiful story that touched on such things as understanding, forgiveness, love, and trust, managed to cause me to shut the book with a smile on my face.” -Pick a Good Book


“This romantic story with its ups and downs and the heartbreak of it all kept me glued to the pages.” -Pause for Tales

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