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Breathless on the Boulevard_Front Cover_


The Bachelor Next Door, book three

It all started with switching places, a hidden identity, and a second chance for love…


Nora Clark knows next to nothing about style. But when her identical twin begs Nora to take her place as a personal shopper, Nora agrees – just this once – and puts her best foot forward in borrowed stilettos to help her sister’s struggling business. Too late she discovers the new client is Erik Morgan, an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital where she works in real life. 


Erik, a former Olympic skier, couldn’t care less about his wardrobe. But with time running out before an important family event, and his attention focused on a long-sought career change, he reluctantly agrees to meet with his mother’s personal shopper. Turns out she’s not at all what he expected – and everything he’s been searching for.


Or is she? Because the more sparks that fly between them, the harder it gets for Nora to keep up the pretense. And when she switches from high-style back to scrubs, what happens when Erik discovers the truth about who she really is?


BREATHLESS ON THE BOULEVARD is the third book in THE BACHELOR NEXT DOOR series – fast-paced contemporary romances with sparkling dialogue and heroes to die for.


A previous version of this novel was published under the title, The Sister Switch.

Awards & Reviews

1st Place - Laurel Wreath Awards

Finalist - Golden Quill Awards

"A great story. The characters are wonderful. Nora and Erik are terrific, Danny is a sweetheart and Tess is a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's heartwarming, romantic and fun." –Joyfully Reviewed


"Highly recommended for readers who love humor with their romance. Lovable characters, a funny plot, and two people who would be perfect together but don't know it yet.” –Love Romances and More


"Highly entertaining . . . an emotional roller coaster ride of laughter, tears and joy. A definite must read." –Coffee Time Romance


“A real winner! A funny, crazy, light read to lighten your day and make you chuckle.” –Merrimon Books


4.5 RATING! "A thoroughly engaging emotional roller coaster and a wonderful example of what works. Though the theme of switched identical twins is not unique in the realm of fiction, Ms. Ford has delivered a truly delightful take. This book is definitely headed for this reviewer's keeper shelf and I look forward to more from this new-to-me author!” –Romance Readers Connection


"A warm-hearted family story, a sweet, feel-good romance, well-paced with likeable characters and realistic dialogue, and a thoroughly enjoyable book." –Romance Reviews Today


"A lighthearted novel . . . Ford’s writing is strong, her plot is interesting and the dialogue between her characters sparkles." –Romantic Times


"A fun read that will entertain and tickle your funny bone. Pamela Ford portrays down to earth characters with strong family ties that are admirable as well as mischief making... definitely a “keeper”!" –Cataromance Reviews


“A fast paced read . . . Pamela Ford did a wonderful job on the characters and the plot . . . It was at turns funny, frustrating, sexy and sweet. Ford is a wonderful author.” –Romance Junkies

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