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The Continental Breakfast Club, book one

Dogs, diamonds and dating. What could possibly go wrong?


Allie Parker loves being a dog groomer, but her overachieving family wants her to go to vet school. She’s convinced the only way to get them off her back is to marry a successful man – if only she could find one.

So when she learns that hotel continental breakfast is filled with eligible bachelors, she squeezes into her sister’s upscale clothes and pretends to be on a business trip. Before she’s taken her last bite of syrup-laden waffle, she’s met the perfect guy. Everything is fabulous.

That’s when everything starts to fall apart. The new man disappears, leaving Allie with a briefcase full of diamonds. A menacing stranger comes to claim it. And Allie is forced to go on the run with a row of dogs in tow.

But as she scrambles to uncover the truth so she can return to her regular life, can fate be about to deliver the happily ever after she’s been looking for?

OVER EASY is the first book in THE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST CLUB series – feel-good, laugh out loud romantic comedies about friendship and love.

Praise & Reviews

"A rollicking adventure. . .full of humor and witty banter. . .a fast-paced escape novel about friendship. This would make a fun Hallmark Channel series." –Laura's Interests 

“I flew through this book. . .loved reading (it). It reminded me of reading a Janet Evanovich type of novel, mixed with some Joanne Fluke. . .just a lot of fun. The type of book you can pick up on a weekend that will take your mind off of reality and make you laugh and forget your troubles. . . A great start to a series. . .pure fun and joy to read.” –Bookholic Banter  

An absolute pleasure to read. . .captured my attention and held it from cover to cover. . .plenty of action. .and lots of laughter!"  –Room with Book

“Almost every scene had me laughing—giggling under my breath or laughing out loud. In short, it was a hilarious read. . .The characters were finely crafted. . .hysterical scenes and fun.”  –The Travelogue of a Book Addict

"A cute, breezy chick lit in the same vein as the Stephanie Plum series. Readers will laugh out loud."
–Tragically Dull Adventures of an Almost Librarian 

"I absolutely ADORED Allie...a book that you will want to curl up with, have a bar of chocolate and a cuppa, and just lose yourself in the magic...I cannot wait to begin the second book in the series!"  –The Writing Garnet

"A fantastic read. . .suspense, comedy and romance make a great package and Pamela Ford has won a new fan!"  

–Corinne Rodrigues Blogger

"Hilarious! . . . it was so much fun to read . . . I loved every minute of this book!"  –All the Doodles 'n Scribble

"What a wonderful read! The characters were likable and relatable . . . it was such a delight . . . I had a blast reading this story."  –XOXO Book Blog 

"A fun, romantic comedy that will take you through some crazy moments and moments of pure joy . . . one book you just can't put down . . . a fun, romantic comedy that you will love from start to finish." 
–Working Mommy Journal 

"A delightful read . . . a laugh out loud book . . . part mystery, part chic lit, part suspense, part romance . . . funny, sweet, and very engaging . . . Over Easy would make such an adorable rom-com movie."  –A Splendid Messy Life 

"I laughed so hard during this book . . . I absolutely loved Ford's style of writing, and I just loved Allie. This was such a cute and delightful read. Fast-paced and funny . . . I definitely recommend this light-hearted chick-lit."  –A Wondrous Bookshelf 

“A hilariously laugh-out-loud adventure. . .I always enjoy a book that can make me laugh and this one had me roaring.”

–Pause for Tales

“Such fun. This was a mad dash from beginning to end. . .one laugh after another. . .I settled in for the fun and read it straight through, snorting and giggling all the way.”  –fuonlyknew

“A complete laugh riot. . .Over Easy is the perfect book as far as Rom-Coms go. Light, entertaining, intriguing and the happy ending.”  –Readers’ Muse

"A heart-warming laugh out loud read. I highly recommend it. . . . The humor in it left me in tears! . . . I was beyond delighted and was laughing out loud at two in the morning . . . The premise of this story was cute and well executed. The plot was well done. It was a fun concept and watching it play out, was even more, fun than that. It was extremely well done."  –Writing Pearls

“A lighthearted mystery with a touch of romance and a lot of silliness. It’s fun and funny and I can’t wait to read Fresh Brewed, the next book in the series.”  –Bound 4 Escape

"A fun, lighthearted, hilarious story . . . a quick fun read that will get you to laugh. . ."  –Library of Clean Reads 

"A mystery/suspense, delightful chic-lit romance."  –Rockin' Book Reviews 

"A light summer read that will leave you smiling. . .hilarious!"  –Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine 

"A perfect summer read . . . light and funny."  –Bookishly Devoted

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